International Economic Symposium

Labour Market and Demograpic Change in the Hanseatic region


Lübeck, 23 May 2014. 12 Experts on Labour market, migration and demographic change have cheered the audience from 10 different European countries. In the premises of the Lübeck Chamber of Crafts ministers and state secretaries from the Federal and State levels as well as representatives from international organisations participate at the International Economic Symposium addressing the issue of "Labour Market and Demographic Change". Organised by the Lübeck Merchants' Association, experts discussed topics like "Future of Youth", "Migration as a chance", "Silver Workers in the labour market" and "Demographic Change – How Europe copes with the challenges". Hosts Michael Weiß and Nicolaus Lange welcomed the positive feedback by participants and highlighted the Lübeck Merchants' Association wish to discuss current issues with the aim of elaborating constructive and real life solutions to different challenges of the Labour market.

The event is moderated by Jasper Barenberg from Deutschlandfunk (German National Radio) and Nicolaus Lange, CEO of the Lübeck Merchants' Association.


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